The Developers Mindset

The Developers Mindset

An intangible force that enables a person to utilize their skills along with solution-orientated thinking to make better decisions.

What is the developer's mindset?

The Developers Mindset is an intangible force that enables a person to utilize their skills along with solution-orientated thinking to make better decisions whilst coding.

When performed correctly, it allows a developer to streamline their development time. This means you are writing code that is concise and to the point. Leaving comments and correct documentation when necessary and cleaning up those console.logs() for production.

A well-rounded developer's mindset inevitably aids one in working logically through bug fixes and even reduces the potential of future bugs or bugs that may affect other areas of an application.

Continue reading to find out some of the key skills that encompass a developer's mindset.

Key Skills For A Developer

Why Patience Is A Virtue

Patience correspondences to time. It takes time to fix bugs and development of a large codebase. Many iterations through the same code to improve the performance and reliability. Rome was not built in a day and neither will your projects. Daily consistency is better than one-off binging when it comes to developing an application. Properly plan projects (usually with pen and paper) turn out better because you've put in the time to think about design patterns and what if's before writing code. Then when you're ready to key down, the process flows because you have a "road map" to follow.

Forever Learning

As a web developer or software developer, learning is something we must accept. Just because you know Javascript doesn't mean now know every other JS library there is. Sure, you know its foundations and the syntax, but you'll still need to read the documentation and search on StackOverflow.

The day you say "I'm happy with this version of NodeJS and jQuery 1.3.0" is the day you get a shock. In this industry, programming languages are always being improved, whether it's security-lead or new functionality based on clients' demands. Even browsers have to keep up with the moving tides of programming language libraries. Keep your mind open to new ways to achieve your solution.

A good example of this is - look at code you wrote 1-year ago, I bet you have a better way of writing it today.

Mistakes will happen

No one is perfect, not even code generated by AI technology! After 5-years of web development experience, I was still learning and still making mistakes - just less often. Mistakes highlight areas you may be weak on. If you start writing down these areas then you can begin to read up on and practice strengthing these weaknesses.

Think Independently

Just because others can't be bothered to write comments in their code, doesn't mean you have to do the same. I love commenting on my code because it also acts as a way for me to check over what I've done is correct. By doing so, I always find better solutions to make my code more efficient and less verbose thus making it run quicker and easier to read/understand. Without independent thinkers, things would be the same and no new ideas would come to fruition. If you've got an idea, see if you can build it physically, or meta-physically, just build it somewhere so others can benefit from it too.

I wanted to create an app that would interact with coffee machines and so I made the idea a reality. If you want to join me on this project check it out here - It's been a while since I've contributed to it so I could use some fresh perspectives on it.

And there it is. The developers mindset. I was inspired to write about this since there wasn't much else on the topic and the other articles I read were larger short and inconcise. In the future, I may amend this article to include the latest information on the developers mindset.

If you remember anything from here, remember this - Mistakes will happen, You will be forever learning and Think Independently.