Is Frontend dev merging with Dev Ops?

Is Frontend dev merging with Dev Ops?


As frontend development becomes more sophisticated every day with the help of emerging javascript frameworks in 2023 (and beyond), we are more often than not required to set up our development environment and run scripts that compile and build production code-base ready for live publishing.

Frontend Frameworks

Gone are the days when the code we write is the code that gets published. A good example is Sass Preprocessing scripts that can add superpowers to CSS. Browsers have no idea what SCSS is or what Sass is, they only know about CSS. So, SCSS must be converted into CSS via the superpowerful Sass preprocessor. You can read more on that here under the Sass Preprocessing paragraph.

Sass has provided us with super abilities we could only have dreamed of 10 years ago. And JavaScript frameworks scaffold for us the fundamentals for web apps so that we don’t have the rewrite the same base code setup each time, meanwhile keeping up-to-date with browser updates and authentication security rules. Vue.js claims to be "an approachable, performant and versatile framework for building web user interfaces" and in my opinion does that very well.

There are so many frameworks and it can often leave newly found coders confused as to which direction to move, but as long as you develop a very good comprehension of the big 3 frontend languages, you can't go wrong. HTML, CSS and Javascript are namely the primary languages that most frontend frameworks sit on top of. Without the former, the latter would not exist.

Yet to come...

What’s the deal with front-end developers doing developer ops work?